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Sunday, July 8, 2012



Cascara Sagrada
COMMON NAMES: Chittim Wahoo, Sacred Bark, Holy
Bark, Persian Bark, Puchiana Bark, Christ’s Thorn, Bear
Wood, California Buckthorn

Of the tree family Rhamnaceae, the medicinal preparation comes from the bark. Cascara acts as a gastrointestinal irritant. The fresh bark should be stored for at least a year, because of its powerful properties. As a laxative, the bark is usually steeped, 1 teaspoon to a cup of boiling water. It should not be used regularly, as even herbal laxatives may weaken the body’s normal intestinal reflexes.Cascara should only be used as a laxative short-term (no longer than 8-10 days), and should not be used by pregnant woman (because cathartics such as cascara can induce labor), lactating women (because the active compounds can be transferred to the infant), or by people with intestinal obstructions or injuries.Cascara should also not be used by people with Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, hemorrhoids, appendicitis, or kidney problems.Veterinary practitioners consider Cascara Sagrada an excellent cathartic remedy for dogs suffering from chronic constipation.

The bark is rich in hormone-like oil, which promotes the peristaltic action (pushing out of waste material) in the lower intestinal tract. It is this particular action which makes Cascara Sagrada so effective in treating constipation, both the acute and chronic types.

1. It is an excellent remedy for chronic constipation and can help to prevent future episodes of constipation.

2. Cascara bark is rich in hormone-like oils which help promote peristaltic action in the canal of the large intestine only.

3. This herb is not habit forming to the colon and can simultaneously cleanse and re s t o re the natural tone of the bowel.

4. Cascara Sagrada improves the flow of stomach, liver and pancreas secretions which helps to promote better digestion and elimination.

5. Certain compounds in Cascara affect the gallbladder ducts and help the body get rid of gallstones.

6. Cascara promotes the flow of bile, which is beneficial to both the liver and the gallbladder.

7. The herb itself is considered an invigorating bitter tonic for the entire body.

8. Because Cascara helps to soften the stool, it is very beneficial for anyone suffering from hemorrhoids and allows for painless passage.

9. Cascara Sagrada has also been shown to help treat worms, insomnia and to act as a natural antibiotic in theintestines.


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