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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Top 13 Party Hangover Tips

Top 13 Party Hangover Tips
Hangovers are a frequent, though unpleasant, experience among people who drink to intoxication. Physical symptoms of a hangover include fatigue, headache,increased sensitivity to light and sound, redness of the eyes, muscle aches, and thirst. 
The British writer William Hickey wrote these words in the year 1768, vividly describing the aftermath of a bout of heavy alcohol drinking—an experience commonly referred to as a “hangover.” Similar descriptions of hangovers appear in the writings of ancient Egypt and Greece as well as in the Old Testament.No doubt, prehistoric people also experienced hangovers soon after they discovered alcohol.

Pre - Hangover 
# 1: Food is Your Friend
At the party, make sure to have food with you that includes carbohydrates and starches (i.e.,bread) as well as protein (i.e., cheese and meat) which will slow down the absorption rate of alcohol. Caffeine and sodas can increase the absorption rate of alcohol so be careful if mixing these beverages! Remember to always eat prior to a night ofdrinking with the divas.

# 2: Water is Your Friend
A simple glass of water between every drink you have is a great way to pace yourself and to re-hydrate your body. Water helps you dilute the amount of alcohol you may be drinking in the future since your stomach is already feel filled up with liquids.Of course a better way is to just make sure to not drink too much alcohol at the party.Just remember the important safety tip that “Water is your friend!”

# 3: Peppermint
Peppermint may help you fight off nausea after a night of drinking or if you feel nausea during the last night out.Keep some candies with you and the groomsmen and take one if getting the dizzies .Don’t worry, you are not pregnant.

Post-Hangover Party Blues – Hangover Tips
During the morning after (or even at the last night out) you may start to feel those signs of “what did I do!”  Now is the time to act fast and help you make it at least a little better until the effects ware off!Here are some great hangover tips: 

# 4: Advil (Ibuprofen) Make it Extra Strength
If you can hold it down and don’t feel too nauseous take a pain reliever with water and some food (if you can hold it down) as soon as possible.It isimportant to follow the directions of how to take the over the counter medication of choice since you don’t want to make things worse.Contact a doctor or healthcare professional if you feel really horrible and cannot get over your nausea.

# 5: Liquids Like Gatorade
This replenishes the minerals and liquids your body needs to regain balance.Water can also help out just as well as Gatorade although there are other ingredients (salt, minerals, sugar) which help. Dehydration is what happens after a night of drinking so you need to reestablish the electrolytes in your body which have gone haywire from the evening of partying. Choose your favorite flavor of Gatorade and drink away!And no, don’t mix again with alcohol if you can help it but do read Tip 8.

# 6: Apply Cold to Your Head
If possible, apply a cold wash cloth or ice pack and move to a more quiet room.If you don’t have a cold compress, you can be creative and use frozen foods in bags like peas, which will help with the head throbbing you feel.  

# 7: Black Mask or Cucumbers Over The Lids 
A very helpful remedy is to get to a quiet place and close out life for a few hours if possible. Getting a girlfriend, friend or wife to cut cold cucumber rounds or a black mask over the eyes can be helpful in getting back on your feet more quickly.  

# 8: Bloody Mary/ Tomato Juice
Fighting hangovers with tomato juice and more alcohol is an interesting concept that some say works.It is suggested as the first line of defense but the tomatoes do have natural sugar that can help break down the alcohol that still may be in your stomach.Drinking a little tomato juice with alcohol in a Bloody Mary may provide relief.Don’t overdo it with more alcohol or you are back to square one with our Hangover Tips.

# 9: Going Bananas
Bananas have great vitamins and nutrients to help soothe and calm the stomach.Some say a banana milk shake helps with the milk and cold coating the stomach from what alcohol may be left in there. Make sure you take with liquids as discussed in Tip 5.

# 10: Grease Is Your Wingman
If you can hold down food, a nice meal of bacon and eggs with cheese and potatoes may help in soaking up what is left in your stomach.The salt is also good at this time (unless you have high blood pressure) since it offers electrolyte help (from the dehydration).Just remember that whatever is in the blood stream at that time is already there and needs to burn off as well as be “bath roomed” out which is why drinking lots of water is so important.Honey has also shown to be helpful with eating during a hangover (on some crackers or bread) but remember the liquids!

# 11: Peppermint Once Again
If you are still feeling nausea, pop a peppermint candy) which may help with the nausea you are experiencing. If nausea persists throughout the day and gets worse, call a doctor or healthcare professional.  

# 12: Coffee with Lemon (or any caffeine)
After a night of drinking, caffeine can shrink the blood vessels in your throbbing noggin that is causing the pounding headache.Take some Excedrin Migraine, No Doze, Coke, Energy Drink, Coffee or Tea to get rid of the edge of the headache.It is always good to speak with your doctor first to see you are sensitive to any of these stimulant items.

# 13: Rest and More Rest
Get some needed rest as you have visions of “did I really do that” moments of the last night out drinking extravaganza.Rest will help you restore your next adventure, especially if you are going back on the town for round two.

I hope these helpful hangover tips get you back on your feet. 


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