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Friday, July 20, 2012

Preventive Advises For Allergic Asthma

Preventive Advises For Allergic Asthma
1. Avoid sweetening dishes or drinks by some honey as long as they are not tepid

2. Avoid the anger or the sadness who could activate or amplify very grave asthma attacks

3. Avoid the continuous physical effort

4. Relax on the right-hand side at the middle-day

5. Adopt a lifestyle anti-stress

6. Avoid the cold meals and the drinks including the cold water of the refrigerator

7. Avoid drinking directly having consumed some honey

8. Avoid taking some honey with tranquilizer drinks (milk, verbena tea(verbena), etc...) in the morning and the stimulating drinks (coffee, tea and orange juice) after 6:00 pm;

9. Avoid washing the nose with some cold water in case of allergic rhinitis or of allergy in the cold.

10. Avoid the swimming or the bathing in cold waters.

11. Avoid the carpets and the libraries where accumulates the dust in particular in the bedroom.

12. Eliminate the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

13. Avoid wines, cigarette smoke, the bad and strong smells, the smells of cookings and fryings, the insecticides and the pollution generally.

14. Avoid animals (dogs, cats, horses [allergy in hairs and scales of animals], sheeps [allergy in the wool],animals of laboratory, birds etc...), some medicines and food which can activate an allergy or an asthma attack

15. Avoid the use of the iron.

16. Avoid heaters.

17. Live far from the sources of marine, river and industrial pollution

18. Aerate the house after the use of the vacuum cleaner.

19.Clean daily the ground of the house with a domestic cleaner, knowing that some cleaners can deteriorate the allergic symptoms

20. The household is to be made in the absence of the allergic person.

21. Use a cover anti-dust.

22. Avoid mattresses, covers, sheets, pillows, clothes and woolen carpets.

23. Expose daily the bedding to the sun and expose the bed once a week.

24. Cover the head in the very cold climates while avoiding headgears and woolen masks collars.

25. It is strictly forbidden to go out during the waves of dust and sandstorms.

26. Avoid the dust lifted by vehicles and winds on the not tarred ways.

27. Avoid the walking or the sport in the dusty spaces.

28. Avoid working in a dusty environment in touch with archives.

29. Avoid the jobs which would put the allergic person in touch with irritating substances.

30. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet (under dietary control).


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